Get comfortable as you explore every aspect of Xpress Healthcare. We're convinced and determined to help and support millions of families across the country by forming lasting partnerships and strategic alliances with all passionate and devoted partners.


Health Care

We all know the health care industry is very large, dynamic, and sometimes complicated. We simplify it and open closed doors to families across the country.



Our discount healthcare membership encompasses all aspects of health care with significant savings


Xpress Healthcare™ is a discount healthcare program. Our goal is to provide a top level of service to individuals who are in desperate need to save on healthcare. Xpress Healthcare is a health discount membership program which offers significant savings to all members. Xpress Healthcare is not insurance! In many ways, it is the perfect complement to insurance since Xpress Healthcare offers savings on many products and services not included under your insurance program. With participating providers nationwide, each and every member has the opportunity to save 10-85% on most healthcare costs.


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