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With Xpress Healthcare Rewards, you can look forward to $25, $50, and $100 in bankable and exclusive discounts, savings, and deals on your choice of more than 300,000 local deals, more than 20,000 movie theaters, 80,000 restaurants, 4,000 products, 25,000 hotels, 100 gift cards, and so much more.Xpress Healthcare Rewards offers customers $25, $50, or $100 in exclusive and bankable savings, discounts and deals on their choice of nearly 330,000 local deals, 85,000+ restaurants, 25,000+ hotels, 20,000+ movie theaters, 4,000+ products, 100+ gift cards, and more.

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Program Overview

Reward Highlights

  • 150+ gift card options for entertainment travel, dining, and shopping
  • 330,000+ local deals at dry cleaners, hair salons, driving ranges, nail salons, and more
  • 4,000+ shopping options at all your favorite stores
  • 20,000+ movie theatres
  • 85,000+ popular restaurants

Reward features

  • Reward accrual that allows your rewards to be earned and banked
  • Coverage in all 366 metropolitan and 576 micropolitan areas throughout the nation
  • “Show & Save” function for ease of use at point of sale
  • Best Price Guarantee to match prices to big competitors like Walmart and Amazon
  • Geo-targeted search engine for searching deals by location or name

    Customer Experience

    Engaging Customer Experience

    You can access the Rewards through our user-friendly website, www.XpressHealthCareRewards.com.


    Navigate the savings benefits and decide how to spend your rewards


    Enjoy incredible savings!

    Rewards Communication Overview
    Members can easily navigate the website to find thousands of discounts from top brands
    Tactical and strategic messaging and deployment of the reward at all stages of the customer life cycle is the approach most likely to yield the desired result.
    Life is busy, we know it! As an Xpress Healthcare member, our Rewards team will let you know when new Rewards are made available
    Personally engage with each customer Maximize click opportunities Enhance perceived value Reinforce program/brand value
    We want you to take advantage of all the savings features we offer. That’s why we will send a number of personalized emails encouraging you to make use of your benefits, which in turn, will ensure you are one happy customer!
    Our Rewards program is fully mobile optimized and offers “show your screen and save” functionality. It also uses your current location so no matter where you may be, you will find amazing savings on-the-go!
    An engaging welcome email An email to folks who haven’t yet logged in reminding them of their program benefits A surprise bonus email A monthly reward refresh reminder email
    Ready to get started?

    Ready to get started?

    With Xpress Healthcare by your side, you have time to focus on what matters to you. We’re easy to talk to — for all inquires, questions, or comments, please use the form below.
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