Affinity Relationships

Bring More Value to your Members

Looking for an easy way to attract and retain more members, while adding value to your other offerings?

Our discount pharmacy program is a good place for associations and non-profits to get started. It’s easy to implement and there is no setup fee or cost to members. Every time members use it they generate income for your organization. It’s a great way to:

  • Focus on your members
  • Thank contributors
  • Solicit donations

Our Affinity benefit program adds value to your organization. You can provide discounts on dental care, eyeglasses, contact lenses, prescriptions and more at a small cost to you.

For unions, we recommend our Deluxe package as an easy way to supplement your members’ health benefits. Not only does it save members money, it can help alleviate large expenses for your organization, such as unnecessary trips to emergency care.

Both you and your members stand to gain with our benefit solutions. Members enjoy the savings and convenience, while your organization can:

  • Attract new members
  • Generate additional income
  • Add non-dues revenue
  • Improve existing member relationships

Fill out the Form below today if you are a:

  • Association
  • Financial Institution
  • Union
  • Non-profit Organization
  • Catalog Company
Interact more effectively with your customers!

Interact more effectively with your customers!

Interact more effectively with your customers!

Healthcare Verticals

Start Selling Discounts Instead of Giving them Away

Here’s a question. Why give away professional discounts to insurance companies when you could sell your discount directly to your patients through a monthly membership program and receive payment upfront as well as recurring revenue?

Many urgent care, dental and vision practices sell a membership card to their non-insured patients to encourage treatment adherence, patient loyalty and generate additional revenue for the practice.

Our benefit solutions increase patient loyalty and revenue. It’s easy to get started because we do all the work, such as:

  • Contracting
  • Compliance
  • Implementation
  • Billing
  • Commissions
  • Printing
  • Marketing support

We help build and maintain new revenue streams long after implementation. For example, we’ve partnered with a regional urgent care company for more than 10 years, adding millions to their bottom line.

Fill out the Form below today if you are a:

  • Physician, Dentist, or Medical Professional
  • Urgent Care Center
  • Hospital System
Start Selling Discounts Instead of Giving them Away

Start Selling Discounts Instead of Giving them Away

Start Selling Discounts Instead of Giving them Away

Financial Verticals

Improve Margins with Little Change in Labor

You’re looked at a as a trusted adviser by your clients. They come to you for financial advice and guidance and you often don’t get paid for the extra value you add by answering their questions at all hours of the day. Then you refer your clients for help with other professionals and because of licensing issues, you can’t be paid for your referrals.

Memberships in our discount program are NOT Insurance. No underwriting, No health restrictions, and No age limitations,  so you’re free to save anyone that you’d like as much money as they can with Xpress. You’re welcome!

So with the turmoil in the health insurance markets, now’s the time to help your clients save money and you can get paid to do it. If you’re a Tax Preparer for instance, your busy season is from January to April, right after the Medicare and Obamacare Open Enrollment. So the only way to help your clients during this time is if they have a change in circumstance. With Xpress, you can help them while you have their undivided attention.

For many of your clients who can’t afford insurance or have been subject to rising premiums and growing gaps in coverage, Xpress' discount healthcare features can be just what they are looking for.

The same is true if you are a Payroll provider. You see your clients’ payroll deductions and have a pretty good feel for the owner’s concerns which often reflect their employees’ needs. It’s a perfect opportunity to add value to your relationship and earn loyalty by offering our innovative products with limited effort. We offer employer paid and voluntary benefits in a list bill format to make it convenient for your staff to process – all with zero work to service your clients.

Fill out the Form below today if you are a:

  • CPA or Tax Preparer
  • Payroll Provider
  • Financial Advisor
  • Mortgage Professional
  • Real Estate Professional
Want to Partner with Xpress to Enhance Your Offering?

Want to Partner with Xpress to Enhance Your Offering?

Want to Partner with Xpress to Enhance Your Offering?