The Dilemma

We understand that in today’s health insurance environment, what once was a growing business is now shrinking. Carriers are leaving markets in the individual health space and no longer paying commissions but your clients still need support. Your group business is growing, but employers and their employees are growing frustrated by increasing deductibles and premiums and fewer benefits, which leads to more work maintaining your book and little time to grow your book.

Your clients need you now – more than ever – and they are constantly coming to you for professional guidance! Unfortunately, you’re probably hearing many of the following statements from your clients?

  • “My insurance renewals are going through the roof… what do I do?”
  • “The high-deductible plan is the only one I can afford, and barely!”
  • “I don’t have the money for this right now.”
  • “I’m going to have to drop the employee benefits for my company because I cannot afford the increase at renewal!”

More hours, less pay. How is that working for you?
If you produce in the individual or group space, focus on senior programs, or are just looking for alternatives to increasing your residual income, we’ve got your solution.

Whether you have been in the business for over 20 years or just passed the insurance exam, now is the Perfect Storm to start preparing and implementing these new innovative strategies.

The Solution

Xpress is built by brokers, for brokers! That means we understand that you’re constantly searching for ways to help your clients in uncertain times, show them how you can create value for them, and ultimately get paid for your efforts.

Our goal is to provide you with innovative services to help you differentiate yourself in the marketplace. When everyone has the same offerings in your area, it’s harder to get in the door. Being unique has its benefits and agents who sell Xpress know how unique it is!

Here’s a few examples of how Xpress can help you gain an edge:

  • Carriers are offering Telehealth services with consultation fees from $40-$75 per consultation – Xpress charges no per visit fee!
  • Most clients assume their carrier’s prescription plan gives them the best rates, which justifies the monthly premiums – Xpress offers a free discount prescription card with discounts of 10%-85% that can be used at almost every Pharmacy of your choice.
  • Dental plans are often priced based  on zip code and number of family members on the plan – Xpress’s Dental Discount Program includes your entire, immediate family with no additional costs and can be used as soon as membership materials arrive in the mail. Did we mention cosmetic, periodontics, and orthodontics are included?
  • Do your clients premiums include access to advocates to not only help you choose doctors, specialists, and other services, but to also negotiate for lower medical bills? Xpress does – through our Medical Bill Saver™ feature.
  • Our “Lifestyle” products provide additional value under the Xpress umbrella with ID theft protection, roadside assistance, global travel assistance, petcare and more.

Do your carriers?

Lead Your Market

It is now time for you to step into the future of benefits!

  • Expand your benefit offerings
  • No licensing and available in nearly every state
  • Differentiate your services by being innovative
  • Maintain existing clients and win new business
  • Accelerate your residual income

We Help You Grow

Your business is our business!

  • Highest Commissions in the Industry
  • Professional Marketing pieces to immediately prospect
  • Free discount Prescription Cards  – get paid to give it away!
  • Volume-base branding, back-office, and leads

You'll Enjoy The Benefits

Offer Xpress and watch your sales soar!

  • Volume-based, competitive commission structures
  • Sales incentives and rewards for Top Salespeople
  • Very limited service requirements – we handle it for you!
Interested in Offering Xpress Services to your Employees?

Interested in Offering Xpress Services to your Employees?

Interested in Offering Xpress Services to your Employees?